Wow guild on Talnivarr EU server
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PostSubject: Rules   Wed Apr 18, 2007 4:40 pm

Rules. pirat
Pvp: This is a pvp guild and it is on a pvp server so feel free to gank as much as you want. If an non-guildmember is ganked from an ally you can try to help him. If you are geting ganked by an ally and cant kill him by yourself you can request help in the guildchat and an guildmember may come and help you out. If an member requesting help you can get to him and help him out and gank the ally to he/she flee or logout, then you may gain an promote/raise in rank and be a "hero" in the guild.
So dont fear to gank an ally in your lvl or over. Twisted Evil

Guildbank. (only for those who have an rank that is or are over "member".)
You can send professionmaterials to the guildbank and then you will gain other professionmaterials back that is for you own profession. study
[there is no guildbank atm, but it will soon be up]
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